Project Details


The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has taken up Andhra Pradesh Road Sector Project (APRSP) with loan assistance of World Bank.


  • improvement in the share of Core Road Network (CRN) in good condition
  • ull operationalization of the RDC with adequate financial and human resources to manage the CRN
  • eduction in vehicle operating costs, travel time, and fatality rates per vehicle miles travelled on project roads
Project No. P096021
Loan No. 7792-IN
Date of signing of Loan and Project Agreement: 22-01-2010
Date of Loan effectiveness: 23-03-2010
Original Date of Loan closing: 30-06-2015
Extended upto: 31-05-2017
Total Cost of the Project for Residual A.P: Rs.2244.59 Crores
World Bank share : Rs.1168.48 Crores
OAP Share : Rs.1076.11 Crores

Following are main Components in AP Road Sector Project.

I. Road Improvement Component:

a) Up-gradation and Improvement

b) Long Term Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (LTPBMC).

II. PPP Facilitation Component.

II. PPP Facilitation Component.

Results Framework and Monitoring

Indicators Baseline End of Project Target
Full operationalization of RDC with adequate financial and human resources to manage the CRN RDC still not fully operational; outstanding audits; Act to be reviewed; no independent financial & operational procedures; many staff deputed from RBD GoAP provides RDC with financial, administrative and operational powers; Rules and procedures adopted
Vehicle operating costs decline relative to the without project scenario in upgradation roads Cars: ?5.41 per veh km 12% reduction with project, that is, ? 4.76 per veh km
Truck: ?11.85 per veh km 8% reduction with project, that is, ?10.90 per veh km
Travel time for bus passengers declines relative to without project scenario in upgradation roads 10.6 hrs for travelling all 422 km of upgradation roads 7.8 hrs (26% reduction) to travel in all 422 km of upgrading component
Number of road accident fatalities per vehicle kilometers declines on Road Demo Corridors SH31: 16 Renigunta – Rayalacheruvu Corridor, Andhra Pradesh: 0.47 fatalities per km SH4: 16 Hyderabad – Bijapur Corridor, Telangana: 0.36 fatalities per km Less than 0.47 fatalities per km
Share of CRN in good condition increased 40% 80% (size of classified network: 6,800 km)
427 km upgraded efficiently and environmental and socially sustainable way 0 302 km upgraded
6,018 km of roads under Long-term performance based maintenance contract (LTPBMC) 0 4,301 km maintained through Long term performance-based maintenance contracts
Three roads selected for PPP transactions. 0 2 Roads
Milestones in ISAP met IT-MIS, HR and Training plans fully operational
Complete Preparation of State Network Master Plan
Milestones in GAAP met Disclosure & complaints handling mechanism operational
Annual maintenance plans developed through the RMS system RAMS operational and used for annual plan preparation
Demonstration projects carried out in at least one road corridor, Complete implementation Demo Corridor with multi-sector coordination and evaluate results
Comprehensive GoAP road safety functions, capacity and action plan(s) put in place Establish Road Safety lead Agency and Multi-sector team for road safety coordination (Dec 2015)
New Safety Policy approved; institutional arrangement put in place, and Action Plan Implementation drawn
Black Spot Improvement of CRN Complete implementation of improvement of 36 blackspots
Land Acquisition 100% to be completed
Acres 383
R&R 100% to be completed
Nos. 2733